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10 February, 2014

How to make a website in Photoshop

Nowadays Website designer only make a website. but others can't do this because they are don't know about HTML, CSS coding. there are many ways to create website without using html and css code. photoshop is one of them. so learn this simple tutorials make it own website design.

psd to html

Step 1

Open photoshop Create new file fix the size width 1200px Height 900px otherwise make it on your own size.

Step 2

Design your template similar like website sample design watch below.


Step 3 

Using slice tool  slice your design template just click and slice your design sample example given below.


Slice to cut and split images for an example  if u want link the logo image just given the link on logo.

Step 4

Now Go File ---> Save as Web file it's display on below image click OK file convert on HTML document open the that file in our browser.


Now upload to this file in your host.


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