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03 October, 2020

Bulk Product Data Insert,Update CSV File into Database Using PHP and Mysqli

In this article, we will discuss How to insert and update CSV file data into the database by using a PHP script. By using this logic we can avoid a large amount of data manual entries and time consuming, Especially eCommerce website bulk product information upload to the database. for that kind of website builder, I strongly suggest following this script you can easily achieve bulk data insert to the database.   

Bulk Product Data Insert,Update CSV File into Database Using PHP and Mysqli

28 March, 2020

Product Ajax Search Filter with Infinite Scroll more Using PHP and Mysqli

Recently I have posted Product Brand, Size, Material Checkbox Search Filtering Using PHP And Jquery. This search filter script doesn't have any pagination. Now i have created search filter with pagination. In this tutorial, we will discuss Product Ajax Search Filter with Infinite Scroll more Using PHP and MySQLi. Load more it's user-friendly without refresh the page user can get the filter products.

Product Ajax Search Filter with Infinite Scroll more Using PHP and Mysqli

11 July, 2017

Mysql Stored Procedure and Get Procedure Data From PHP

Hi guys, Today we are going to see How to create a stored procedure and get call data from a stored procedure by using PHP. Before going to the topic let see What is stored procedure? and Why we need use stored procedure?. A stored procedure is a group of SQL statements that form a logical unit and perform a particular task, and they are used to encapsulate a set of operations or queries to execute on a database server.

08 December, 2015

Fetch Random rows records from Database Using Mysqli and PHP

In this tutorial, you will learn various techniques to how to Fetch Random rows records from Database. Using this code you can display random gallery profile, Online examination random questions, multiple choice quiz system. I used following simple query for retrieving random records from database table.

Fetch Random rows records from Database Using Mysqli and PHP

02 November, 2015

New User Registration With Email Verification Using PHP and Mysqli

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to implement New user registration with email verification script. if you're using register form in a website, you need to use email verification because it will reduce spam register user and make sure you will get a correct registered user on your website.

New User Registration With Email Verification Using PHP and Mysqli

18 August, 2015

Convert PHP data to JSON API url

Today I have discussed Convert PHP result array to JSON API URL. JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. The current trend to develop the app and web app server side exchanging data between their servers  XML or JSON format. JSON is the easiest way to translate a JavaScript object into a PHP associative array.

Convert PHP data to JSON API url

03 March, 2015

PDO basic insert,view,update,delete with php function

The mysql extension is deprecated due to the some sql injunction issue. I would suggest to use mysqli or PDO. mysqli based on object oriented process (OOPS). The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension defines a lightweight, consistent interface for accessing databases in PHP. it seem how we are using mysql same for PDO.


17 February, 2015

Sql Basic functions

Today i want to share basic functions of sql. SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, or retrieve data from a database. For getting database data we use many type sql functions is there follow this tutorials learn more about sql. 

SQL basic functions

10 July, 2014

Import CSV File Data Into Database Using PHP

Import CSV File Data Into Database Using PHP sometime large amount Database data not possibe to insert into at a time. Ex; E-commerce site add all product list.  that's why use to  CSV file import code . just create  Excel document enter your data save CSV format after that import to database.

07 July, 2014

Facebook style photo comment system

 Facebook style photo comment. Here i have use normal light box pop window. inside the box i have design similar like facebook design. follow this code you can learn facebook style photo comments system.

03 June, 2014

How to Make a Simple Search Engine using PHP and MySQLi

In this tutorial, I have created small search engine by using PHP and MySQLi. this search engine searches to user date into the database. similar like google search engine. it will check matched keywords to the table title,description,website URL. Recently i have create updated search engine tutorial.

How to Make a Simple Search Engine using PHP and MySQLi

15 May, 2014

phpmyadmin sql query builder

In order to access the data from a database at the front end, programmers are querying using SQL. Most of the programmers are following their own style of coding. There is a better way of doing it using phpmyadmin sql builder. They can use the inbuilt sql builder in phpMyadmin which can fetch the data from you localhost server.

04 March, 2014

Multiple image upload concept using php & mysql

In this tutorial, We are going to see How to upload multiple images using PHP and MySQL. Sometimes we need to allow user upload multiple images in the database. Once the user has uploaded multiple images we must need to provide image edit, delete option. Previously  I have used to stored all the images name in single table column for using implode() and explode() function. Later I'm facing issues on to delete or modified particular uploaded images.  

multiple image upload using php and mysql

13 February, 2014

PDO Form value inserting into Database

previously  i posted on PDO basic tutorials so now i create small form using insert and update query in PDO. it's best helpful for Beginners to learn something about  PDO.

12 February, 2014

PDO Basic insert,view,update,delete function

Nowadays Most of them using Mysql query but  MySQL is old extension officially deprecated. After improve the code to induce on Mysqli and PDO function. follow this tutorials learn how to insert,view and update query using PDO.

07 February, 2014

Dynamic menu with sub-menu using php and mysql

Recently I have posted how to create dynamic menu concept. But my readers asking me for the sub menu. Here I have explained How to implement Parent menu and unlimited child menu using php and MySQLi.


05 September, 2013

Newsletter subscription in php

This post I explain about news letter subscription. This code related on  feed burner concept, Once user register they mail id in server when admin posted on any message. its send superscribe user.  

20 August, 2013

Simple comments form using in php

This concept based on post comments to display on below page. its like feedback comments form method. users visit our website to give the feedback or comments to directly show on other users coding using on php and mysqli just post the comments to store in database to fetch on directly.

14 August, 2013

Email subscription concept using php and mysqli

This concept user can register our email id to the particular site. for the purpose of when the site administrator post on any messages or updates its directly send the email on subscribe users. coding function used on when user can be register our email id in website form its post and store to the database.

email subscription img

31 July, 2013

PHP MySqli Basic usage (select, insert & update)

Mysqli is a database system used on the web its runs on a server side. Mysql query used to transaction the client data to store the server table. This is sort database storage it’s not possible millions of people access database so PHP team announced plans to deprecate MySQL extension alternatives on introduce Mysqli - "i" is standing improvement its based object oriented implementation.  MySQLi supports prepared statements, transactions and multiple statements. 

PHP MySqli Basic usage (select, insert & update)