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22 March, 2017

On Page SEO Level Increase Tips - Search Engine Optimization

Hi Guys, Last week we shared Search engine Optimisation overview tutorial. Let we discuss more How to increase On page SEO increase tips. on the page, On page SEO will refer all things that you can do on your website to make higher rank level. like meta description, content highlighting.

On Page SEO Level Increase Tips

13 March, 2017

Search Engine Optimization - Overview

Recently we have shared the digital marketing tutorial, Now we continue the SEO section. Today we are going see What is the use of SEO?  , How to improve page rank techniques, Steps and element of improving the page level content. In this section help you to improve the offline page and on page technical level SEO. We have mentioned some key points of content making.

18 September, 2016

Digital Marketing Introduction - History and Now

It is now 3 year since we have been providing details on the technical segment like PHP, HTML etc. Opening a new segment on our Mostlikers Blog for Digital Marketing. Here you can receive all information you need in the Domain of digital marketing. Trying to bring in the most dynamic marketing type i.e. online marketing to your fingertips.

Digital Marketing - History and Now

13 July, 2016

Add Speech Recognition Search to Your Website

Today we are going to see about How to add speech recognition (google voice search) to your website. Nowadays most of the people are using speech recognition search engine, especially mobile phone website viewers. Try this code and implement your website. Here I have shared very simple Javascript convert voice to text. Let see the code and live demo.

Add Speech Recognition Search to Your Website

13 April, 2016

Codeigniter SEO Friendly URL Structure

URL structure is one of the most important technique to improve SEO. A good URL structure can help in increasing the website traffic volume. There are many websites on the internet that do not have a proper URL structure, especially in case of shopping carts.

Codeigniter SEO Friendly URL Structure

23 June, 2015

Make seo trick for title tag using javascript

Today we will discuss SEO related some tricks. Nowadays all internet website marketing focusing on website SEO development they need to increase website traffic and revenue. So would suggest some SEO trick on this tutorial.

Title tage aninmation script