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23 January, 2016

Git Tutorial - Git Configurations #1

There are three levels that the Git stores the configurations. System Level, User Level and Project Level Configurations.

1. System Level Configurations:

This is the largest level of configuration this configuration will apply to the every user of the computer. These are default configurations and can be overwritten.

Git Tutorial - Git Configurations

18 January, 2016

Git Tutorial - Installation

Installing Git is simple and easy. Download the git package from the website and follow the steps mentioned below.

Git Tutorial Installation

13 January, 2016

Git Tutorial - Introduction

It is a software that keeps a track of files and directories that we make, especially the text changes and allows us to compare between the changes (versions) that we created.

GIT is referred as a version control system (VCS). The primary purpose of the VCS is to manage the source code (source code management (SCM)).

VCS's are called as source code management tools.

GIT Tutorial - Introduction