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16 March, 2017

Codeigniter XSS Cross Site Scripting Hacking Attack Security

Today we are going to see How to secure the Codeigniter  XSS Cross Site Scripting Hacking Attack. CodeIgniter comes with a Cross Site Scripting Hack prevention filter which can either run automatically to filter all POST and COOKIE data that is encountered. For preventing the form data GET and POST you need use security helper. While POST the form data in your controller, You just use xss_clean().

25 July, 2016

Codeigniter User Registration and Login Script

Today we are going to learn about how to create simple user registration, login script with the session. Here I have created a simple users register,login, and logout module coding. For form validation,email validation,session validations i have used CodeIgniter validation libraries functions.

Codeigniter User Registration and Login Script

07 July, 2016

Codeigniter ajax check email availability using jquery

Codeigniter ajax check unique email availability using jquery it's very simple script. For checking the unique email id or username CodeIgniter have default validation function. it will check ajax controller response whether that email id exists or not to the particular table column. let see the code for that.

28 June, 2016

Codeigniter Ajax Registration Form with Validation

In this tutorials, I have explained about how to create a simple ajax registration form with server-side validation. To validating the form I have used Codeigniter Form validation library. The validation library you can easily set custom rule, success, error messages.

Codeigniter Ajax Registration Form with Validation

23 March, 2016

Providing Security to the website forms

Most of the website forms face security issues. Generally the user side faces the most of the issues. Hackers can easily crack through user side validation. This post will give you a clear picture of how to prevent website from server side and user side validation security issues.

Providing Security to the website forms

22 September, 2015

Google reCAPTCHA code with jquery validation

Today we are going learn about how to implement google Captcha to your html form. Before going this tutorial you should know about Why we need use ? google reCAPTCHA. Here i have used Jquery validation library to checking the Html form elements.

Google reCAPTCHA code with jquery validation

07 February, 2014

change the html 5 form validation defult error message

Hi Guys, this is a post on the validation where in you will be learning how to change the default message of the form validation. The code is simple and basic, it uses the JavaScript events line 'onchange' and 'oninvalid'.

For more validation code, click here

14 June, 2013

Html5 form validation

This post is about the HTML form validation and also a few types of input fields available in HTML5. There are a few additional types of input fields added in HTML5 for better performance and results.


28 May, 2013

Html 5 Mobile Number Validation

Hi, Guys, this a new post on Html 5 Mobile number validation. Validations play a major role in getting a genuine information or securing the website. We find many plugins on the internet for validating data from the visitors. Validations can be done by various languages like jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML5.

Html 5 Mobile number validation