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18 July, 2013

Password reset concept in php

This concept based on login user reset forget password. Sometime use forget the login password  that time user send  request through  admin .the admin generate some authentication code send email on request user email id . The user can get the authentication code and again login to provide new password. So I went to work on making a simple php code it was easy to generate authentication code and send email to login user easily reset password.

10 July, 2013

Change Password PHP and Mysqli Script

Hi guys, Today we are going to discuss how to change the password using PHP and MySQLi script. Change password is an important feature for a web application. A registered user can able to change they are old password anytime. It makes a user protect the sensitive pages from hackers.

Change Password PHP and Mysqli Script

09 July, 2013

Password Encryption function in php

This article is about how to password encrypt method . For an overview of cryptography technology encryption function password plain-text convert cipher-text this is use of hackers cannot read our given password. the password convert to md5 algorithm this usually needs a key-generation algorithm to randomly produce keys through to store database.

password encrption

13 May, 2013

javascript check retype password

Password Recheck script just call the values in get id to check the password matching or wrong. make this get password and retype password values simple method watch also have live demo.

12 March, 2013

How to hack windows 7 password

Change System password without knowing your old password

Some hackers hack your PC password without using any software or any tools. Hackers should be directly change on admin password using on commend mode. Follow this below steps know as simple hack tricks.