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31 March, 2017

Codeigniter Create a Chat Emoji using Smiley Helper

Today we are going to see How to create chat emoji in CodeIgniter. In this tutorial, I have used the smiley helper to display the emoji images. Codeigniter default has this smiley library. For images, you need download and load from the images folder. In case you are using chatbox and comments section. Implement this future.

05 November, 2015

Share Your Content On WhatsApp Without Using Api

In this post, i have explained about How to share content on WhatsApp without using API. Most of the smartphone user using WhatsApp application. If your content is good they will share with others. You can get many visitors on your website. So adding WhatsApp share button to the website or blog it's a good idea. 

Share Your Content On WhatsApp Without Using Api

13 July, 2015

CSS3 text animation effect

This tutorial I would like share about CSS3 animation effect. Generally, we will use animation script for text fade effects. But you can get same animation effect without using any script. CSS3 style has key frame effect it's providing customization of animation script. Here I have shared How to create CSS3 text animation effect using CSS3.

CSS3 text animation effect

23 June, 2015

Make seo trick for title tag using javascript

Today we will discuss SEO related some tricks. Nowadays all internet website marketing focusing on website SEO development they need to increase website traffic and revenue. So would suggest some SEO trick on this tutorial.

Title tage aninmation script

09 April, 2015

Codeigniter load CSS and Javascript files

In this post i have explan about how we can use external css and javascriptin CodeIgniter. Recently i have posted Convert html to codeigniter and basic steps of codeigniter. For beginner this one the best helpful guide. Just follow that tutorial after start to integrate css and js in CodeIgniter file.

Loading CSS and Javascript File in codeigniter

05 March, 2015

Analyze and optimize your website with google PageSpeed tools

Analyze and optimize your website with google PageSpeed tools. Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. if your page loads slowly, you could lose people for that the reason. I would suggest testing your website in Google pace speed Insights tool. Let see about Google Pagespeed Insights. 

Analyze and optimize your website with google PageSpeed tools

07 January, 2015

Dynamically adding HTML form field using jQuery

Today we are going to see about Dynamically adding HTML form  field using jQuery. this concept is very simple, just i have written form element clone() script. its automatically create html form field. follow below code and live demo also is there. 

08 December, 2014

Show loading image while Page is loading using jQuery

Sometime page loading take too much time. that case page show empty blank page Would it not be nice to show loading images or message while your page is loading. below i have shared script follow that one make your site standard.

page loading image

20 August, 2014

Expiry date code in php

Expired date concept in php register user product or something expiry based on  register date to current date. So i write the code in current date to expired date. count number of days between two dates and total number of days to check the conditions on expired date.

expired date

12 August, 2014

First and Last Record in Mysql

Sometime we required last insert value just assign order wise your fetching query. below i write some useful way fetching database records.

Sql query

29 July, 2014

Get current date and time in PHP

Get your current date and time in php, set your location default time zone get your current time zone.
manually set the timezone by using date_default_timezone_set before the date() or time().

php time

28 July, 2014

PHP switch case Statement

Php value compare to multi value in the sense we use if else statement method that time we use lot of value comparison method  in if else statement method. 10 or 20 value comparison statement execute time take delay, that case use switch statement this multiple value check time and comparison method also very easy.

24 July, 2014

PHP user defind function

PHP user defind function reduce program code. create your own function pass the parameters value to check the conditions. PHP gives you option to pass your parameters inside a function. You can pass as many as parameters.

18 July, 2014


Sql Between operator find the database in between two database values. this operator used between and not between data filtering database.

SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE cost BETWEEN 200 AND 300

17 July, 2014

Rename file directory in php

 PHP rename() function changed old directory to new directory If new name exists, it will be overwritten. Sometime wrongly uploaded file images or folder that time use this function easy to rename the new directory or image name. 


16 July, 2014

HTML input file accept Attribute

 We upload PDF filein database, that time we use Html input type file attribute. but it's accept all type of files. After submitting form only we know wrong upload file format. So avoid that method just give the file accept type to ignore other file types.

Live Demo

15 July, 2014

Delete image from folder in php

Some programmer using image upload coding that image file move on particular folder. after delete  that database record data only deleteed but image stay on same folder only it's not delete. So add below code remove deleted record folder image.  


14 May, 2013

Share links to social network sites with Yoursite

This concept share web your page link to social medias. just include below script in your webpage its share to social media in your link. most of them used social media plugins that plugin make to delay on website. so try this code easy to share web page link. [ NEW UPDATED  ]

share link