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23 June, 2015

Make seo trick for title tag using javascript

Today we will discuss SEO related some tricks. Nowadays all internet website marketing focusing on website SEO development they need to increase website traffic and revenue. So would suggest some SEO trick on this tutorial.

Title tage aninmation script

Now we will about URL structure and browser title text trick. For executing this trick I have used some JavaScript.

  1. Active tab title tag trick
  2. Blink Effect in title tag script
  3. Marquee Effect in title tag script
These are 3 SEO trick I have created javascript code. this trick everything depends on browser tag.

Active tab title tag script

Active tab title trick it's very coolest trick. While someone opens your website in browser but they skip and open tab your site browser title message will change automatically 
   window.onblur = function () { document.title = "Don't forget to visit again"; }
   window.onfocus = function () { document.title = 'mostlikers demos'; }

On blur effect this script until active the tab, this title name will display on a browser.

Blink Effect in title tag script

This concept the title to blink until it becomes active. (like Gmail Talk).  here I have set time limit in a script to display on the browser tab.
var title = document.title;
document.title = (title == "Mostlikers SEO" ? "DEMOS" : "Mostlikers SEO");
}, 1000);

Marquee Effect in title tag script

   var scrl = " Mostlikers Demos ";
    function title_marquee() {
     scrl = scrl.substring(1, scrl.length) + scrl.substring(0, 1);
     document.title = scrl;
     setTimeout("title_marquee()", 300);
<body onLoad="title_marquee()">

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