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29 July, 2013

php simple login script

This coding I explain about login concept from user side. User give the correct username its post through the database to check available user allowed and pass the value in session else field display on login error msg. coding make on php and mysql querys.


20 July, 2013

pagination concept in php

This post concept based on pagination its simplify to view count the number of the database value make paging method simple to access first last database values . I make the company employee status using pagination concept just try and download this coding.


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10 July, 2013

Change Password PHP and Mysqli Script

Hi guys, Today we are going to discuss how to change the password using PHP and MySQLi script. Change password is an important feature for a web application. A registered user can able to change they are old password anytime. It makes a user protect the sensitive pages from hackers.

Change Password PHP and Mysqli Script

06 July, 2013

Make simple page counter using php and mysql

A hit counter or a page counter counts the number of people that visit your page. If you have created a new website you might be interested how many people are visiting. so try this simple method count how many people visit on your website. this coding make MySQL update query using in php.

02 July, 2013

To check whether an email id exists or not in database using PHP

This post is used to check  whether an email id exists or not in database using PHP. If the email id already exist an alert message will be shown below. And if the Email Id is not available in the database then  it will automatically store in the database. This concept is designed using if  else statement and method to fetch and check number of rows in the database.

check mail

29 June, 2013

Post Database values one table to another table

Database value one table values move another table using mysql query . table value get through the id create temp table and move the id value in temp table just insert coding using call the two table value fetch and post
to the another table.