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18 October, 2016

Product Brand,Size,Material Checkbox Search Filtering Using PHP And Jquery

Recently I have posted Product Search Filtering Using PHP and MySQLi. It's a basic level of product search filter, Later I got a so many request tutorials, a message regarding Product, Brand, Size checkbox Ajax search like amazon, Flipkart search filter. Here I have created similar like sort, search filter. Let see deep discussions on this tutorial.

Product Brand,Size,Material Checkbox Search Filtering Using PHP And Jquery

27 September, 2016

Codeigniter Free Responsive Bootstrap Template with Basic Setup

Today we will perceive how to stack the bootstrap format to CodeIgniter system. I have made a Codeigniter free notice format with essential set up autoload work. It will be helpful for freshers. In the event that you need to swap your ordinary HTML site to CodeIgniter take after the beneath basic strides. there I have clarified about entire CodeIgniter library, URL, constant, route setup.

Codeigniter Bootstrap Template Free Download With Basic Setup.

18 September, 2016

Digital Marketing Introduction - History and Now

It is now 3 year since we have been providing details on the technical segment like PHP, HTML etc. Opening a new segment on our Mostlikers Blog for Digital Marketing. Here you can receive all information you need in the Domain of digital marketing. Trying to bring in the most dynamic marketing type i.e. online marketing to your fingertips.

Digital Marketing - History and Now

25 July, 2016

Codeigniter User Registration and Login Script

Today we are going to learn about how to create simple user registration, login script with the session. Here I have created a simple users register,login, and logout module coding. For form validation,email validation,session validations i have used CodeIgniter validation libraries functions.

Codeigniter User Registration and Login Script

13 July, 2016

Add Speech Recognition Search to Your Website

Today we are going to see about How to add speech recognition (google voice search) to your website. Nowadays most of the people are using speech recognition search engine, especially mobile phone website viewers. Try this code and implement your website. Here I have shared very simple Javascript convert voice to text. Let see the code and live demo.

Add Speech Recognition Search to Your Website

07 July, 2016

Codeigniter ajax check email availability using jquery

Codeigniter ajax check unique email availability using jquery it's very simple script. For checking the unique email id or username CodeIgniter have default validation function. it will check ajax controller response whether that email id exists or not to the particular table column. let see the code for that.