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19 August, 2015

Simple search filter with angularjs and php

Everyone must know about AngularJS. it fits the definition of a framework the best. AngularJS will get quick server response in client side. based on server response I have created search filer code. Here I have explained about how to create simple search filter using with AngularJS and PHP. 

18 August, 2015

Convert PHP data to JSON API url

Today I have discussed Convert PHP result array to JSON API URL. JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. The current trend to develop the app and web app server side exchanging data between their servers  XML or JSON format. JSON is the easiest way to translate a JavaScript object into a PHP associative array.

Convert PHP data to JSON API url

23 July, 2015

Forget password recovery using Ajax, php and mysqli

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss How to recover the registered users forget password recovery using PHP and MySQL. Here I have shared simple hash email recovery function. Let's see deep discussion. 

Forget password recovery using Ajax, php and mysqli

10 June, 2015

Generate RSS Feed for website using php and json script

In this post i have explain about how Generate RSS Feed with PHP. Here i am using feed burner rss xml file to get the content because most of the users, blogger they are updating blog information in feed burner. Use below code add your website feeds information.

Generate RSS Feed for website using php and json script

27 April, 2015

Login with facebook using codeigniter

In this tutorial, We are going to discuss. How to create a login system step by step using Facebook API in CodeIgniter. Here I have used the latest version facebook SDK 5 for access the users token. Follow the step by step process and Create your own facebook login API.
Login with facebook using codeigniter

13 April, 2015

CodeIgniter Add,View,Update,Delete using third party libraries

CodeIgniter Add,View,Update,Delete using third party libraries. Recent i have used Jamie Rumbelow My model libraries file. It's really good stuff, It provides a full CRUD base to make developing database interactions easier and quicker. this model have default validation and callback function.

CodeIgniter My Model

04 March, 2015

Convert html to codeigniter and basic steps of codeigniter

Nowadays everyone to focus on MVC framework. Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces. MVC framework best beginner to learn codeigniter. So i would suggested to beginner to learn MVC framework best one codeigniter. let see about codeigniter basic steps.


03 March, 2015

PDO basic insert,view,update,delete with php function

The mysql extension is deprecated due to the some sql injunction issue. I would suggest to use mysqli or PDO. mysqli based on object oriented process (OOPS). The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension defines a lightweight, consistent interface for accessing databases in PHP. it seem how we are using mysql same for PDO.


02 March, 2015

Ajax add,view and delete using mysqli

Today i have posted ajax add,view and delete using mysqli. Here i am using php and mysqli to Html form attribute data post database without page refresh. Ajax to convert data in to asynchronous to post and get data response without refresh whole page in website. not only add and delete nowadays everyone using ajax because it's make better user interface in website.

Ajax add view and delete using mysqli

16 February, 2015

Send email with html template using php

Today i want to explain about how to send email with html template using php. Normally we use php mailer function for sending email with some text also. But here i have design one html template along to send with mail script. Follow below code and have look at live demo.

Email template in php

09 February, 2015

Active and inactive users concept using php and Ajax

Today I have posted Active and inactive users script. This concept mostly using E-commerce website administrator access to check product available or not, delivery status, the user can block and activate like that similar concept related to this concept.

Active and inactive

04 February, 2015

Auto suggest username like gmail using php with ajax

While registration time user registering their username in the username column, that time the same user name already exist in the database, for that we are creating auto generation of  username like gmail and all. like that we are suggesting some username for users. Take a look at live demo.

Auto suggest username like gmail using php with ajax

27 January, 2015

Ajax PHP Login Page with Bootstrap Design

Ajax PHP Login Page with boostrap design concept. Ajax code with out page refresh or submit only its checking database post value. Here i am using bootstrap for design form template. follow below code and have look to live demo.

13 January, 2015

PHP Contact Form Captcha Code Using Ajax

PHP contact form with captcha verification code. Why we use to Captcha in website, it will protects your website for spammers and robots. Here i have used ajax script to check validate captcha code. For creating images and text you have download libraries file.

Php contact form captcha code using Ajax

09 January, 2015

Export html table data to csv file using JavaScript

Recently i have posted Import CSV File Data Into Database Using PHP article this concept based import excel sheet data into database.Similar like i have posted this topic, here i am using JavaScript for converting html table data into excel (CSV) document. this concept best helpful for shopping cart, school management web sites. Just take a quick look this live demo.

export html data to csv

20 August, 2014

Expiry date code in php

Expired date concept in php register user product or something expiry based on  register date to current date. So i write the code in current date to expired date. count number of days between two dates and total number of days to check the conditions on expired date.

expired date

15 July, 2014

Delete image from folder in php

Some programmer using image upload coding that image file move on particular folder. after delete  that database record data only deleteed but image stay on same folder only it's not delete. So add below code remove deleted record folder image.  


10 July, 2014

Import CSV File Data Into Database Using PHP

Import CSV File Data Into Database Using PHP sometime large amount Database data not possibe to insert into at a time. Ex; E-commerce site add all product list.  that's why use to  CSV file import code . just create  Excel document enter your data save CSV format after that import to database.

07 July, 2014

Facebook style photo comment system

 Facebook style photo comment. Here i have use normal light box pop window. inside the box i have design similar like facebook design. follow this code you can learn facebook style photo comments system.

03 June, 2014

How to Make a Simple Search Engine using PHP and MySQLi

In this tutorial, I have created small search engine by using PHP and MySQLi. this search engine searches to user date into the database. similar like google search engine. it will check matched keywords to the table title,description,website URL. Recently i have create updated search engine tutorial.

How to Make a Simple Search Engine using PHP and MySQLi