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08 February, 2014

custom search engine

This topic i explain about how to make search engine in your site. this is simple concept your posted value directly search on google search engine. that value posted on form action page follow the below code and live demo.

search engine

20 August, 2013

Simple comments form using in php

This concept based on post comments to display on below page. its like feedback comments form method. users visit our website to give the feedback or comments to directly show on other users coding using on php and mysqli just post the comments to store in database to fetch on directly.

15 August, 2013

How to create Dynamic Menu using php and mysqli

This post concept on how to Make dynamic CSS menu or Auto generate menu. its nothing but normally make CSS menu concept just fetch menu name to the database using php and mysqli query. this concept most using on most of the admin panel websites and WordPress websites .

07 August, 2013

Twitter style compose box

In this Post we have designed how the compose box is  being designed in twitter using css.on clicking on this text box the size of the textbox gets expanded automatically without any jquery.

20 July, 2013

pagination concept in php

This post concept based on pagination its simplify to view count the number of the database value make paging method simple to access first last database values . I make the company employee status using pagination concept just try and download this coding.


View code         Download

26 June, 2013

Login and Signup tab using jquery

This post make on using tab on login and signup tab concept simple method  design tab style login and registration panel with CSS, HTML and Jquery. Tab system help login and easy register user information.


30 April, 2013

CSS style input box design coding

This topic we discuss about CSS3 code. CSS3 they release lot of style code, here i am using text box design. CSS3 induced cursor focus script and hover change style also. Just follow this note learn CSS3 styles. Have look to live demo.