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16 March, 2017

Codeigniter XSS Cross Site Scripting Hacking Attack Security

Today we are going to see How to secure the Codeigniter  XSS Cross Site Scripting Hacking Attack. CodeIgniter comes with a Cross Site Scripting Hack prevention filter which can either run automatically to filter all POST and COOKIE data that is encountered. For preventing the form data GET and POST you need use security helper. While POST the form data in your controller, You just use xss_clean().

13 March, 2017

Search Engine Optimization - Overview

Recently we have shared the digital marketing tutorial, Now we continue the SEO section. Today we are going see What is the use of SEO?  , How to improve page rank techniques, Steps and element of improving the page level content. In this section help you to improve the offline page and on page technical level SEO. We have mentioned some key points of content making.

09 March, 2017

Creating Date Function OOPS way in PHP 5

Today we are going to see How to create date function oops way in PHP. The Date/Time PHP extension is a set of classes it's allowed to work date and time-related tasks. based oops way we can get calculate working days between two dates, calculate age given date of birth, based on date find between two dates in years months and days.For using this function We can Easily calculate data functions.

14 February, 2017

Login with Facebook API SDK v5 in PHP

The Facebook SDK for PHP is a library with capable elements that empower PHP designers to effortlessly incorporate Facebook login and make solicitations to the Graph API. Today we are going to see how to log in with facebook API SDK v5 in PHP. Facebook SDK old version some response are deprecated. Now use should follow the latest version of SDK V5, It will be more efficient and extend a powerful class. Follow the below script implement facebook latest version SDK.

11 January, 2017

Add watermark text logo to images and save using PHP

Hi guys, After a long time I am posting a new topic. Today we are going see about How to Add watermark text logo to images and save using PHP script. Watermark is the best method to protect your website images. Specially E-commerce, Matrimony website users want to protect they are personal images and digital photo. For those kinds of websites, I would suggest to you add watermark text in your website's images.

Add watermark text logo to images and save using PHP

23 November, 2016

Create Stunning Firework Animation Effects Using jQuery and CSS

Fireworks have always held a captivating charm, and incorporating them into web design can make your website stand out on special occasions like a new website launch, festive offers, birthday celebrations, or any page that needs a touch of magic. In this guide, we'll show you how to create a mesmerizing firework animation effect using a jQuery plugin. Your site visitors are bound to be captivated by this dazzling display.